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Source: Client email

The band ROCKED! Everyone had so much fun and everyone loved the idea of a [Stones] cover band. We got so many compliments and everyone thought The Tones were so authentic! ...Amos and I were so pumped. I know we harassed the lead singer a lot (dancing with him on stage etc.) and he was wonderful! The evening could not have gone any better.


Source: Client email
(now we're getting swelled heads)

You guys killed it! Each and every guest said that they had the time of their life! Most importantly the birthday girl was blown out of the water. She loved your performance! Thank you for all your special attention and professionalism. Whenever I get the chance I will suggest The Rolling Tones as top notch entertainment and a solid band! I couldn't be happier. Thank you.


Source: Client email
(it just keeps getting better)

...WOW what a night! You guys totally ROCKED our party!!!

EVERYONE had such a blast and it was all because of The amazing Rolling Tones!!!! I found you on line, hire you sight unseen
and holy s$#t you were more than anything I could have ever hoped for!!!! My family said this was the best one yet (as I throw a themed party every July) and I owe it all to you!

You guys are true professionals. 

Source: Unsolicited email
(we swear this is true)

Hi, this is Jessica...you guys played at my wedding on Sept 6, 2009. I just found your website again and noticed there were testimonials. I certainly want to give one!!!

You all were one of the most fun and memorable things about our wedding. Everyone had so much fun dancing and listening to you play, and even our most critical musician friends agreed that you guys rocked!

A little while ago we saw a TV show about the Stones' Steel Wheels tour. I said, I swear the Rolling Tones sounded better at our wedding reception than the actual Stones did on this tour!!! You guys are really fantastic.

I hope we can come out and see you play again soon. We had a baby boy on June... 9 months after the wedding... so we have been a little busy but would really love to see you again.

I hope you're all doing great!


Source: www.shidoobee.com

...I'm no fan of tribute bands, but the Tones are a great cover band! Their set list was super, top notch musicians, a hell of a front man, and Sheena Turner has some pipes...

Don't miss a chance to see them. It'll be a good night out. Thanks for a great show.


Source: Unsolicited email

To: Sheena Turner
Re: Last night

We both loved it and had such a great time.... Marty absolutely had a blast. The 2 of us sang along to every song, and we particularly loved you in Gimme Shelter, Can't Always Get What You Want, and that song from Sticky Fingers which we can't remember.

It was sooooooo fun! ...

Fern :-).

Source: www.shidoobee.com

YES! The Rolling Tones are a great dance-party band! Thick Jagger is an excellent frontman, and Slick Taylor was fabulous on guitar! The band played a great mix of rarities and favorite hits! It was a fun night...!


Source: the Rolling Tones website contact form message

Loved you at the Bally Bunion this past Saturday. When are you performing there again? This time I gotta bring more friends.

Keep Rockin' & Rollin' Tones


Source: www.shidoobee.com

We loved the show last night! This band was a lot of fun, they played 3 sets until 2 AM, the set list was great and even an encore of Star Star for me!!! The band is made up of 3 brothers and 1 sister plus 2, how cool is that?! They were all so nice as well.

Thanks Guys (and Gal) for a great show!! I look forward to seeing you again!!